You are lost, feel unsafe, your car won't start... in short, you need help... You are going on a ride walking, on your bike or with your car ... and would feel safer if someone knows where you are...

IamHere app has been designed for you.

This simple and solid app that will send via SMS on a regular basis your GPS coordinate to a friend so that he can keep track of where you exactly are... and eventualy come and join you when needed!


- Connect to this web page from your android phone
 - download IamHere-V2 following this link
 - Open the downloaded file to install the app


IamHere will catch your GPS position and send it to your selected friend on a regular basis, so that he can follow your moves and eventually join you.

On prompt, just type in the phone number of your friend and the SMS frequency (every 5, 15 or 30 mn). From there, the app will send on a regular basis your GPS position via SMS to your friend on the given frequency. If GPS signal is lost, the app will try to send approximate position, based on closest cell towers.

On his side, all your friend will have to do is copy the GPS coordinates from the SMS to GoogleMaps to see where you are.

For the app to work properly, you need to turn AIRPLANE MODE OFF,  LOCATION MODE on HIGH ACCURACY and stay in an open sky area.

To lauch the tracking, click on the START BUTTON and wait for the "tracking started" message. You can then click HOME to push the app in the background.
To stop the tracking, click on the STOP TRACKING button or close the app using the RETURN button.


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